Three words: Trust, Quality & Service.

We’re the Masters of Leather product. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship & work with the best leather artisans in our factory. We don’t settle for mediocre, we’re on a quest to create the best leather jackets in the world. So join us on our adventure, we have a feeling you’ll like it here.

A little bit about us

SkinOutfit is a collection of creative designers that have been at the forefront of the fashion industry in 2011. The designs have starred, designed, stitched and created a leather product for some most famous brands. Now the designers are showing off their own limited edition range. The reason: because of the love of design and fashion.

Our office is based in Mumbai where are design-team work on the latest trends and new styles. Our factory is just Nearby office, an area that has a long history of producing the finest leather products in the world. Our factory has been in successfully running for many years mainly supplying to wholesalers’ and large retail chains.

We have a few selective boutique shops that we partner with. We are looking for more.